Friday, March 02, 2012

Imagined Civities: Cities and Alternatives in the 19th Century (6/8/2012)

Imagined Civities: 
Cities and Alternatives in the 19th Century
Organised by ‘The Guild: Interdisciplinary 19th Century Studies’, at the University of Cambridge
English Faculty, 8th June 2012

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Peter Mandler
Faust comes to town:  The ‘creative destruction’ of the Victorian city

Ancient and Ruined Cities
Dr. Marcus Waithe
The reconstruction of cities

Lucila Mallart
The modern construction of a medieval image of Barcelona (1839-1897)

Catherine Redford
‘In every street is solitude’: The deserted city in Romantic Last Man literature

The City in Fiction
Dr. Bénédicte Coste
‘Beata Urbs’: Pater and the city

Ewa Szypula
Urban decay: Balzac and the debris of the everyday

Lili Sarnyai    
‘The huge oppressive amusing city’: late 19th century London in Henry James’s ‘The Lesson of the Master’

The Environment of the City
Prof. Dean Hawkes  
Sir John Soane and the climate of 19th century London

Dr. Oriel Prizeman
Imagining purity

Owen Holland
‘And dream of London, small, and white, and clean’: William Morris and the re-visioning of the metropolis

Living with the Past
Prof. Rosemary Sweet
Excavation, improvement and urban history in the 1840s

Dr. Kate Hill
The representation of the urban and urban history in museums, 1850-1914

Estelle Murail
Imaginative reconfigurations of the cityscape and belatedness: the case of Thomas De Quincey and Walter Benjamin

If you would like to attend, please send a cheque for £10 (£5 students) payable to ‘Austen Saunders’, to Austen Saunders, Wolfson College, Cambridge, CB3 9BB, with your name, email, title, and affiliation.  Please also let us know if you would you like to attend the conference dinner (at your own expense).  For more information on The Guild please visit: